Under our CDMO business, we manufacture highly potent injectables with single-use systems (disposable manufacturing lines) and advanced containment technology, as well as traditional injectables and liquid formulations utilizing sterile manufacturing technologies.

  • High reputation among clients including major Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical companies.
  • Each department works closely with and provides comprehensive support to clients to meet their diverse needs, including formulation and dosage form design, and manufacture.
  • We also offer trial production or small-lot production at the development stage or in clinical trials.


We contribute to society through the development and manufacture of highly potent pharmaceutical products.


We mainly develop and manufacture generic drugs. Under the motto “Bringing technologies together with a focus on quality, cost and speed” we strive to provide more people with access to safe generic drugs.

Main products

Ethical drugs (including anti-cancer drugs, local anesthetics), medical devices and materials


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